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4 Questions to Ask Before Hardwood Floor Installation

Planning to Install New Hardwood Floors?

Your flooring are becoming drab with age, so it’s time to install new ones to improve the aesthetics of your house. However, you should make sure you’re asking the proper ones. You want flooring that complement the beauty of your house and fit your lifestyle, but are you sure you’re selecting the proper hardwood floor installation contractor for your project by asking the right questions? To acquire the house of your dreams, you must hire the appropriate person. The four questions you should ask a potential employee are listed below.

Do I have to pay for the estimate?

Be mindful to avoid contractors that don’t offer precise in-home prices or estimates. While some contractors have set prices, others provide free quotations. If you are aware of what to anticipate ahead, neither approach is frequently preferable to the other.

Are you going to prepare the subfloor?

Contractors that install hardwood floors typically base their estimates on a set of blueprints, thus they are unable to adequately consider the necessary subfloor preparation without verifying the drawings. To make an informed comparison while looking for bids, just compare pricing estimates that do not include subflooring preparation charges. You may compare the labor and material prices by eliminating the prep fees, and after the contractor is on site, you can verify the subfloor preparation expenses as a separate quotation.

What is covered by the warranty?

Most contractors provide a one-year labor and material guarantee, although others provide longer warranties. Ask if the guarantee is still valid and if there are any requirements, such as confirmation by the flooring manufacturer.

For this sort of work, are you insured?

Although you don’t want accidents to occur in the middle of the project, you still need to plan for unforeseen issues. Before they begin working in your house, verify that the chosen contractor is properly insured. If you require a copy of the policy or other documentation, be sure to request one.

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