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Does Your Hardwood Flooring Need Refinishing Again?

What Are the Different Techniques Used by a Floor Refinishing Service Provider?

Performing a

floor refinishing service

on hardwood is often a lengthy process. The process includes sanding the boards, staining, and sealing any stain applied to ensure a more durable and lasting finish. The finished look of a hardwood floor can differ, all depending on the type of wood used and the age of it.

Sanding the floor is the most arduous job when it comes to refinishing a hardwood floor.


normally begins with a drum sander and sandpaper. As one round is done, the sandpaper grit will be changed to a lesser course sandpaper and the whole process starts anew until the hardwood floor boards are stain free and totally smooth. This technique strips off the old finish and prepares the floor for the new finish.

Once all the old finish is gone, the floor can be sealed for a more natural look, or should a darker look be desired, a stain can be used to deepen the color. Staining hardwood flooring does take time and patience, and depending on how dark you want it, multiple applications.

The last thing to do when refinishing hardwood floors is to seal it. Polyurethane is often used to do this job and may need several coats to completely seal the boards. The first step will involve applying a polyurethane coat finish.

Once the first coat of polyurethane has completely dried, fine sandpaper will then be used to rough the surface up to make it ready for the next polyurethane coat. This process should be repeated numerous times to increase the sheen of the finish. Layering multiple coats of this will also increase

the floor’s durability

. Please note, that each application must be fully cured before the next coat can be applied.

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