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Flooring Service: How to Protect Hardwood Floors

Pay Attention to Your Floors!

You want to safeguard your investment with the help of a flooring service whether you recently bought a house with wood floors or choose to repair and replace wood flooring. To preserve and extend the beauty of your wood floors, it’s vital to gain a basic understanding of proper wood floor maintenance. Here’s how:

Avoid using water to clean your hardwood floors.

Wood and water don’t go together. Given that they are an organic material, hardwood flooring’s cellular structure reacts to the presence of water right away. Decay and swelling eventually follow. Since the surface of the floor should be treated, the issue is more with the unfinished raw wood that makes up the sides and bottoms of the floorboards.

Only a very dry, wet, well-wrung-out mop should be used at most. The majority of flooring professionals, however, advise against ever using any type of water on the hardwood. Instead, use a dustpan and soft-bristled brush to sweep your hardwood floors every day. Weekly cleaning should be done with a vacuum made for both carpet and hard flooring.

Placemats and runners in a strategic manner.

It may appear as though having hardwood floors is pointless if you cover them with runners, mats, and area rugs. You wish to be able to take pleasure in the deep, rich brilliance of real wood flooring. The areas of every house that get a lot of foot traffic should be guarded against at the same time.

The first on that list are exterior-facing entryways and mudrooms. The second category includes inner hallways as well as particular portions of bigger rooms like kitchens and living rooms that see pass-through activity. You significantly reduce the amount of wear and tear on the floors of those heavily trafficked areas by putting down attractive runners and non-slip rugs.

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