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Hardwood Floors Are Not a Hassle

Easy Tips So You Won’t Have to Call Your Flooring Service Contractor

The type of flooring you choose for your house makes a huge impact on the overall look of your interiors. Hardwood floors add a timeless elegance and sophistication to any room. You can make the most out of your hardwood floor investment by following these maintenance tips from a flooring service provider:

Sweep or vacuum regularly

Dirt and small particles can wear down the surface of your hardwood flooring. You should sweep or vacuum once a day to remove the debris from the service. In high-traffic areas, daily cleaning is a must. Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar because this can damage or scratch the surface of the floor.

Protect from sunlight

Use curtains or window treatments to protect the floors from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the wood to fade. Wood will gradually age, but you can preserve their appearance by using rugs to cover the surface.

Mop up spills immediately

When you spill a drink on the floor, make sure you immediately clean it up. Do not let the wetness soak into the wood.

Prevent scratches on the surface

As much as possible, try not to scratch the surface of the wood. The nails of your pets should be neatly trimmed. Do not drag furniture across the room. If you find severe or deep scratches on your floor, you can call a flooring service contractor to find out your options for repairs.

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